Offshore Resurfacing by Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd

In July 2017 Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd became the first cosmetic repairs and resurfacing service provider to ever operate within the offshore Oil and Gas sector when we were awarded a large hand basin resurfacing contract with Marathon Oil on their East Brae Platform in the North Sea.

After a recent HSE audit, Marathon Oil were advised to rectify the issues of badly cracked and worn basins in every single one of the 80 accommodation cabins. To replace such a high amount would have been a monumental task with heavy disruptions across the board from the day to day operations on the platform, the accommodation arrangements for the crew and not to mention that vast costs involved in such a task, both financial and time scale.

The hand basins on board the East Brae are part of a moulded wall and shower enclosure which would have all had to be removed, redesigned and replaced at a huge cost. The initial estimation per cabin bathroom was between £3000 - £4000 which for any company over every business sector known to man is a huge outlay. The timescale for these basins to be removed and replaced was between 4-6 trips back to back with teams of four completing at best 2 cabins per day requiring daily permits, multiple deliveries and huge amounts of waste disposal. So Marathon Oil decided to look at the resurfacing services provided by Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd as a better option.

On Thursday 6th July 2017 Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd arrived on the East Brae Platform to begin our task of repairing and resurfacing 80 hand basins in the accommodation area of the platform. After detailed surveys of our RAMS and COSHH it was decided that for our day to day operations we did not require any permits to work from the platform CCR and we began our duties.

The process was simple, we aimed to compete 4 cabins per day leaving them with 24 hours of curing time. This meant that each cabin was to be made vacant for just one night resulting in an extremely easy and fluid plan for the crew to operate whilst we were on board. With the very low noise level we produced whilst resurfacing the basins also meant that the teams who were working nightshift were also not disturbed whilst resting during the day, we created no trip hazards or obstacles in the hallways nor did our equipment require any specific storage or transportation arrangements.

On Wednesday 25th July 2017 we had successfully resurfaced all 80 of the hand basins to a brand new standard without any disruptions to the platforms operations, crew accommodation arrangements and without any form of waste which required to be shipped from the platform. The first option to replace the pod style basins initially quoted at £3000 - £4000 with a completion estimation of 12 - 18 weeks with multiple issues causing disruption across the platform was carried out and completed to a first class standard by Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd in 20 days with less than 20% of the overall costs to replace. Not only is this a huge saving on financial costs but savings on time and ofcourse a massive saving to the environment too!

A New and Proven Option to Resurface!

Choose to save on costs whilst helping the environment.

HSE audits and visits

Has your platform received a HSE audit, are you expecting one soon or do you feel an improvement is required to the living areas for the crew? Recently HSE inspections across the North Sea have began highlighting issues such as damaged hand wash basins within the accommodation areas and are demanding that immediate actions is to be taken.

Decommissioning the platform?

If the platform has been flagged for such issues and is already planning to enter the decommissioning stages why carry out replacements with the huge financial costs and waste generated by doing so? Not only does it not make sense on an environmental stance but in a time where the industry has faced a financial crisis, why use a huge percentage of the budget on a task with a more viable option available.

Choose to Rejuven8!

Rejuven8 Repairs are the only qualified and proven cosmetic repair and resurfacing company operating within the oil and gas sector. Based in Aberdeen, we already have a stellar reputation across multiple industries and have the ability to cut yours costs by huge margins whilst having the experience of carrying out our duties to the offshore health and safety standards. Lets work together for a better future.