Cosmetic Repairs, Aberdeen Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd

Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd are an established provider of multi surface cosmetic repairs across Aberdeen and down to the central belt. Our highly experienced repair technicians have a combined total of 14 years within the industry and we are extremely proud of our fantastic reputation. Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd are currently the preferred provider for our services with large scale construction companies, we are the only provider of Cosmetic repairs being used by the local councils and housing associations in Aberdeenshire and Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd are the only cosmetic repairs service in the United Kingdom currently completing works on offshore oil platforms.

A typical week will see our finishers competing cosmetic repairs to a wide variation of different surfaces on construction sites, homes on behalf of insurance companies and in properties for our local housing authority clients. We are also finding ourselves working alongside a large European windows supplier applying our coatings to their products before being fitted, this ensures their clients receive the best finished windows possible. Our multi surface repairs, resurfacing and spray coating do not only save on costs, save tons of waste being added to Landfill but also help our clients resolve issues very swiftly.

Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd offer our Cosmetic Repairs services to almost every surface you can touch from Baths, Brick, Ceramics, Granite, Metals, Plastics, Shower trays, Stone, Tiles, Veneers and Woods.

As good as new!

A worktop repair in Inverurie completed by our finisher Gordie after two competitors informed the householder it could not be salvaged. in just 90 minutes we made this repair & saved our client nearly £2000! See our social media reviews for the customers feedback!

A ferry good repair!

Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd work very closely with Ferry companies across the country and often have finishers on board during sail. This tile had been broken for a whopping 5 years, thankfully an hour later our 'landlubber' had made a first class repair.

Schools Out!

Did you know Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd are the only cosmetic repair service used to complete our repairs and resurfacing works to 19 Aberdeenshire schools? We are fully disclosed, insured and are the only providers of cosmetic repairs to be trusted by local councils.

Last orders!

We also perform our repairs and resurfacing works within the hotel and leisure industries across Scotland. This tired bar at the highly recommended Ardoe House Hotel in Aberdeen was earmarked to be replaced at a great financial cost. We resurfaced the bar top to a stunning matt black in just 6 hours.

Mirror, Mirror on the..ceiling?

Our heating and electrical clients installed these overhead radiators at a newly constructed nursery only to find out they were the wrong finish. After being told it was impossible to achieve a high gloss mirror finish by a national competitor, Rejuven8 Repairs Ltd were tasked with completing all 8.

Red Hot Rejuven8

Aberdeen had a fantastic summer in 2016, however in this first floor bedroom the sun reflected off a paperweight onto this UPVC window frame causing severe damage. Thankfully the householders fire alarms raised awareness just in time. We attended and saved this client from an expensive replacement.

Gordie came to my house tonight to fix a chipped tile in my Victorian style vestibule. All I can say is he took his time & when he was finished you would of never of known the tile had been chipped first class job this guy is seriously talented & a very nice guy too would have no problem recommending him he can 'invisibly mend' anything.

Ms J Strachan, Aberdeen

Just before Christmas we had an incident with a perfume bottle being dropped onto our bath causing it to have a massive chip alongside lots of small ones where the glass had imbedded into the base of the bath. We had heard of Rejuven8 Repairs on Facebook so asked them to come asap as we have two young children with just the one bathroom. With it being the festive period I wasn't overly confident in a reply but their employee came on Christmas Eve and "Rejuven8'ed" our bath. All damages completely gone and no glass anywhere! The most amazing part was being given a Christmas card from them instead of an invoice! Cannot thank you enough!! Brilliant local company!

Ms J Strachan, Aberdeen

I found out about Rejuven8 Repairs through a recommendation from a connection on LinkedIn and thought they may prove to be a useful company in the future. Not a week passed and we had a newly installed bath damaged in one of the hotel rooms that we are currently renovating in Turriff. Panic had set in as the first guests were due in less than a week however the service from Rejuven8 Repairs was first class. A finisher was out the next day and made a fantastic repair you wouldn't even spot it even when you are told where the damage was. All in all a fantastic company with very talented members of staff, i will always recommend you to my professional contacts and have you on speed dial should we have any further mishaps.

Ms J Strachan, Aberdeen