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A closer look at Bath Resurfacing

Free standing cast iron bath resurfaced

Fa's bath is lookin a bit tatty?

We are extremely excited and proud to begin offering our Bath Resurfacing service to Scotland. Whilst we have been sweeping all over the north east making our popular cosmetic repairs, in the background we have been working very hard with overseas suppliers in locating and testing products that we would have every confidence in using. Our Bath Resurfacing Service is available all over Scotland, from Aberdeen to South of Glasgow,....We have lift off!!

So, what is Bath Resurfacing?

Baths are virtually always made from three materials, acrylic plastics, cast iron and we also have the fancy ceramic baths every so often. They range from almost every colour you can imagine from brilliant glossy white to the retro avocado green. Overtime baths can begin to look tired, this can be caused by usage of powerful bleaching agents or just by general every day use. Having a tired looking bath does not mean you are lacking in hygiene however they do tend to be painful on the eye.

What bath resurfacing does is gives your bath a facelift, or vajazzle ( we are down with the lingo at Rejuven8) and by doing this gives you the look of a new bath. The process is quite simple, the bath surface is cleaned and then a new coat is applied and once settled. chemically bonds to the baths surface. This is all done in your bathroom, the area around the bath is masked up and once the task is complete, your bath is resealed and your bathroom is back open. The Bath Resurfacing process takes around 3-5 hours and you can use your new stunning bath as of the very next day.

So you are re-enamelling the bath?

No, this is not the process. We offer the service of a full Bath Resurface which is very different to placing down enamel. This is a fantastic question and a huge misleading trick that the vast majority of companies are using. To fully re-enamel a bath you would need to remove the bath and have it taken to a manufacturing centre. enamelling a bath simply cannot be done in the home, the fumes could not be contained and the enamel certainly cannot be applied with a hand held spray gun. This is a worrying tactic that companies are using, if they are misleading you on the first contact, what other things are they misleading you on. Please research, resurfacing a bath is a big decision, search the products you are allowing companies to use in your home, are they safe? Spending some time researching will not only make you aware of any misleading information but ultimately it could save you money and also on stress.

What is it you are placing onto the bath?

Rejuven8 Repairs Limited are using products designed and produced by USA based NAPCO.  All of NAPCO's  products are VOC compliant and is a much better and safer coating for the environment. Their Top Coat is the quickest drying product on the market, this means the bath will be back in action much quicker but also this completely reduces the risk of dust setting onto a wet surface. This also removes the need for any dangerous high heat UV light set ups being brought into your home to dry out paint. NAPCO's top coat is also one of the best impact resistant products on the market which provides you with a long lasting coating. The most important part of our process is the bonding stage, our chemical bonder is unmatched in the industry, it took over a year for NAPCOs chemists to devise and has passed rigorous testing on thousands of baths in the USA.

Cant we just buy a DIY kit instead?

Yes! You can purchase a Bath Resurfacing kit from most DIY stores and try it for yourself. There are also other methods in which are ok, i have had some clients who have used radiator paint to give themselves a home made bath resurface. This is not fully recommended however if you are looking for a cheap quick fix this method can be done however it certainly will not last long at all. Rejuven8 Repairs Limited fully prep the bath surface, this includes masking, deep cleaning, applying a first class bonder and then softly spraying coats of NAPCO's top coat which is laboratory and field proven. The key difference between the DIY kits and what we offer at Rejuven8 is the quality of the bath resurface, DIY kits are a roll on method with cheap materials however our spray method is completed with the top quality products. Our method is carried out by a full trained and experienced technician and will last the test of time.

You are going to leave a smelly mess behind arent you..?

No. We have a fantastic reputation which is ever growing in the north east of Scotland and also spreading to the central belt. We are amazingly proud of this and set our standards extremely high so that the good feeling surrounding Rejuven8 continues.

We will mask up the areas around your bath before the resurfacing process begins. Once the process has finished we will re-seal in your bath, de-mask around the bath and tidy up our things. The smell of our products will disperse quickly and leave your bathroom free to use. You can use your bath as normal from 24 hours after the process has ended.

We are currently completing our fantastic Bath Resurfacing Service for local housing associations and a local council. We will be placing our before and after photos online via our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Please feel free to visit us and get intouch with any questions you may have